Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)
Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)

Pull Start Fire (6 Pack)

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We know how frustrating it can be to light a campfire or fire pit when the weather or wood doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Sometimes we simply give up and do without the fire altogether. It’s a feeling of defeat.

That frustration and defeat is non-existent with Pull Start Fire! Pull Start Fire is an evolutionary product that makes starting a fire easy, even in extremely windy and wet conditions. And you don’t need matches, a lighter, kindling or fuel!

This small brick ignites with the simple pull of the string in all conditions, including heavy rain and hurricane strength wind. And it even lights freshly cut wood, wet wood and frozen wood!

  • Ideal for camping and outdoor fireplaces
  • Multiple built-in safety features (safer than using lighter fluid)
  • No matches/ lighters or kindling required
  • Rainproof & windproof
  • Burns 2.5x hotter than competing products
  • Made from recycled material
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Each igniting brick burns for over 30 minutes, ensuring that any wood placed in the fire will light.

If you're into camping, hiking, R.V. excursions or spending time by your backyard fire pit, you've got to have the Pull Start Fire brick.

Each brick is compact in size, making it convenient to carry on hiking and camping trips.

    Built-in safety string on the brick attaches to a piece of firewood, enabling safe, one-handed pull start.

    Brick size: 1” x 2” x 5”

    Brick weight: 4 oz.

    Package contains 6 Pull Start Fire bricks.

    Check out these videos showing the product in action!



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     Customer Reviews:

    Took the chore out of starting the fire
    "I'm an Eagle Scout, I can start a fire with my shoe laces, but when I go camping with my family, that's not what it's about. Pull Start Fire not only took the chore out of starting a fire, it turned it in to something fun and exciting, and gave me more time to enjoy the actual camping experience with my family!" - Peter B.

    A product that does what it claims
    "We used two of the Pull Start Fire items this weekend. They worked flawlessly on wet logs that were lying on the ground for at least six months. Love that no tinder or kindling was needed to make a roaring fire in seconds. Thank you for making a product that does what it claims. You gave 10 Boy Scouts and 6 adults a great evening. Thank you." -Joni D.

    They worked PERFECTLY!!  Even in the rain!
    hey worked PERFECTLY!! I have used them on a couple of events now and they are great... even started a fire this past weekend at an event in the rain with it!!" -William C.

    Skeptical at first, but love them now  
    "We camp summer-fall and sometimes it takes 40 minutes to get the fire going if the wood is damp. With three young kids, I don't have that much time to waste getting a fire lit. I came across Pull Start Fire on a random website listing camping "must haves". My wife was skeptical at first, but she loves them now. They have been great and have started all of our fires so far this season." -Martin H.

    Simple, Clever, Convenient.
    "As soon as you pull the string, the thing will light up on its own, sending any logs, twigs, or branches you gathered around it into a burning flame."

    Worked like a charm and fun to use
    "So we didn't get a chance to use it on our trip to Maine, but knowing we had it in case of emergencies was a great feeling. We did use it at home the other night and it worked like magic. My girlfriend said "give me one of these babies and I'll build the fire every time!" Worked like a charm and fun to use." -Nick H.

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